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You can view, test and experience all the features of Smart2VR free of charge with a VR Free account.
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Publication in Stores and always up-to-date: additional € 75,- per month
We can publish your VR apps in the Stores (iOS and Android).
This saves you a lot of difficult work and your VR app can be downloaded on the smartphone and tablet by everyone.
Furthermore, we ensure that your VR app is up-to-date all the time and provide it with the latest developments and possible bug fixes.

VR Free

€ 0,-p/month

  • 1 video (360º)
  • and 4 images (360º)
  • 2 GB storage capacity
  • WEB VR
  • 14 days limit
  • Smart2VR watermark & promotion
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VR Business 100

€ 200,-p/month

  • 100 GB storage capacity
  • Choose from: 50 videos or 200 images (360º)
  • Unlimited data traffic*
  • WEB VR
  • Android VR app
  • iOS VR app
  • Gear VR app
  • Own branding/White label
  • Helpdesksupport
Get VR Business 100

VR Business on request

€ ?,-p/month

  • Need more videos (360º)?
  • Need more images (360º)?
  • Or a combination of videos and images (360º)?
  • Request a quote!
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The Smart2VR subscription is billed annually.

*Smart2VR offers unlimited data traffic in accordance to our Fair Use Policy.
The Fair Use Policy (conditions for fair use) is part of our Terms of Service and involves that the use of photo, audio and video material (uploading and viewing) should not interfere with our other customers’ software. The Fair Use Policy is to ensure that all our customers can safely make use of our Smart2VR platform. The maximum is 1 terabyte download per month and subsequently € 0,10 per gigabyte.

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