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More possibilities for your virtual reality app with our new features

14 september 2016 / VR CMS platform / Leave a comment

How easy is building your own app in the Smart2VR platform?
Over 300.000 users now use a virtual reality app created with the Smart2VR platform!
We are constantly busy to improve and develop the platform so you can create and manage your own VR app even better.
Check out the major new features below!

Reach your app users with notifications!
It is now possible to notify all users of your VR app using a notification on their phone.
New great VR content published that everyone should see? Tell them with a notification you send easily from the VR-CMS platform.

Increase customer experience with stereoscopic 360 degree video!
With stereoscopic we mean real 3D!
The most immersive VR video experience you have ever seen, now available to your company with your own VR app built on www.smart2vr.com.
Use the VR-CMS platform to publish your 3D 360 degree videos in 4K resolution with Two Big Ears ambisonic audio and you have the very best VR video experience app currently available on the market.

Experience more personalization options for your VR app!
Now set your own images as app menu backgrounds. Perfect to brand your VR app with your own style even more.
You can also upload custom poster images for your VR videos, not just a default video frame selected by the system.
Ideal to make your videos even more appealing to your customers and to personalize your VR app.

Discover the improved VR user interface!
Buttons for Home-Previous-Next are now invisible by default. No more blocking your immersive view.
Just press the Google Cardboard button to show the buttons and activate one by looking at one.

Get to work with the Hotspots!
Hotspots will provide more interaction in your VR app. They now can be linked from object to object.
The hotspots are now also visible in the VR tours on the website, not just only in the VR app.

And even more improvements
Alongside the new features mentioned above, there are more improvements to the platform to optimize the VR app.
– Auto-proceed: If video ends automatically proceed to the next video.
– Smooth Fade in / Fade out
– App stability improved

Stay tuned, more improvements coming soon. We continue to improve and extend the platform and we welcome your suggestions.


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