Smart2VR introduces app analytics, Facebook integration & Autodesk 360 image converter

8 november 2016 / VR CMS platform / Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Smart2VR introduces app analytics, Facebook integration & Autodesk 360 image converter

Also the last period Smart2VR has worked hard to improve and optimise the VR platform. This resulted in new Smart2VR features. This time we launched app analytics, the Facebook integration for 360 photos/images and the import converter for renders from Revit (Autodesk 360).

Do you want to know how many times your app has been downloaded? Watch it now in the Smart2VR CMS!
We all want to know who our app users are, where they from and if they downloaded the iOS or the Android app. The more you know, the more you can learn about your target audience. By having insights into the download figures you can learn more about your users and improvements could be made. Using the app analytics you can for example plan your app promotion better.
After log in, go to the tab ‘Analytics’. Here are the download statistics of the Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (Apple Store) apps. Select the downloads of a particular period, for example last month and check in which countries your app has been downloaded!

Post your 360 degrees photos from the platform on Facebook
In June Facebook introduced the possibility to upload and view 360 degrees photos. The arrival of 360 degrees content on Facebook is a nice addition because now everyone can easily experience how it’s like to be there for real and look around.
Now it is possible to show your 360 degrees photos/images in the Smart2VR platform on Facebook. Uploading 360 degrees photos/images is easily with Smart2VR. Go to the tab ‘VR content’ and copy the embedded Facebook code link. Open the Facebook app or website and create a post. Click on ‘Photo/video’ and paste the url you copied in the bar behind ‘file name’. Now your photo will be uploaded to Facebook in the best quality available.
Facebook recognize 360 degrees photos and displays a compass icon. When you click on the photo it will become full screen.
Are you viewing the photo on your phone? With your finger you can swipe easily on the screen or move and turn your phone to view the 360 degrees photo from all sides. On a PC you can watch the 360 degree image easily by clicking with the mouse and move it back and forth. The best experience of your 360 degrees photo is with the Samsung Gear VR. When your phone is compatible for this VR headset, ‘Watch in VR’ will appear in the photo. Click on it, place your phone in the Gear VR and watch the photo in Virtual Reality.

Upload 360 degrees images made from Revit into Smart2VR
Smart2VR is a multiplatform and its goal is to be compatible with many systems. With the 360 import it is now possible to upload renders from Revit (Autodesk 360) to Smart2VR. Smart2VR automatically recognizes the stereoscopic cubestrips that Autodesk creates in its renders and converts them to the equirectangular format. Smart2VR supports the stereoscopic top/bottom cubestrip projection in .JPG format. See example below:


Do you have questions, feedback or suggestions for new features for Smart2VR? Let us know by e-mail (, we are very interested!


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