"Smart2VR helps us creating awareness for 360 images and Virtual Reality”

A3impressies is a specialist in creating drone- and 360 photography. Yvonne van Driel, owner and professional photographer, explains: “We want to create interest and awareness for 360 photography and the possibilities it can create. We want to show the added value of Virtual Reality images to our customers.”

The Smart2VR platform is a solution to make VR and 360 images more accessible for the people. “Smart2VR is user friendly, a good value for money and based on knowledge about VR. Furthermore, it works on various devices, you can easily embed the content into your website and you can add text content into the 360 images.”


“By using the VR app, VR and 360 images are getting more accessible”

VR is still unknown territory for a lot of people. Yvonne van Driel: “Our customers see possibilities for their marketing to be up to date, but they are still a bit cautious in relation to VR. By using the VR app, and show them how it works, people get more familiar with VR and are more inclined to use it. Furthermore, the marketing- and development team of Smart2VR help think of possible solutions in a constructive way if problems occur. This support is outstanding.”

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