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New features Smart2VR

5 juli 2017 / VR CMS platform / Reacties uitgeschakeld voor New features Smart2VR

Content ordering with simple Drag&Drop

By popular request it is now finally available in Smart2VR. You can now see your progress, edits and changes made to your VR app real-time without the need to publish your app first! Hence, the so called emulator enables you to personalize your VR app without that it is already available in the stores for download.
But that is not everything: In this emulator it is also possible to order your objects and VR content by using a Drag&Drop system. Easy and directly visible.

Click here to read more about the new CMS

screen drag&drop VR app

Northpoint feature

It is now possible to indicate the north direction into your VR content with the Hotspot Designer. When you open the VR content in the VR app the image automatically rotates to the north direction by using the compass in your smartphone.

screen northpoint

This new feature is very suitable for on-site viewing. For example: You are on a location looking at existing buildings (First image). Then you watch how these buildings are looking in the future using Virtual Reality (second image). By using the northpoint in your VR image, this image will be aligned with the north in reality. Result: you do not need to turn when you are putting on and off the VR headset/cardboard to see the VR image on the correct location.

example on-site viewing
Example on-site viewing


Release/block feature

Very suitable on events with bad wifi connection and to launch your VR content on a particular point of time.
How? Upload your VR content on forehand to the CMS and ‘block’ it. Promote your VR content and let people already download it in the VR app. Now the VR content is stored in the cache of the smartphone but it cannot be viewed. ‘Release’ your VR content in the CMS during an event or on in a particular timeframe. Now everybody that has downloaded the VR content can watch it. Offline without (bad) wifi connection and without waiting because of possible long download time.

Release_block feature2 VR app


Video Splashscreen

Personalize your own VR app even more and create more impact and a from-the-start experience? Use now a video as a splashscreen instead of an image. Easy, just upload it into the CMS! So, do you have an amazing teaser, trailer or corporate video?

Video Splashscreen of Heracles Almelo


Publish your Gear VR app in the Oculus Home with Oculus Keys

A Gear VR app provides an even better Virtual Reality experience. We provide a Gear VR app that has been optimized for use in the Samsung Gear VR headset. Now it is possible to choose between our original way (Gear VR app on your Samsung Smartphone) or publish your Gear VR app into Oculus Home with Oculus Keys. The big advantage is that you don’t need to send us the unique ID’s of your Samsung smartphones anymore, a simple signal that you want your Gear VR app to be published is enough. Furthermore, you get a number of Oculus keys at your disposal which makes it easier to distribute your Gear VR app. Besides that, your Gear VR app in the Oculus Home gives it a more professional appearance. Last but not least, your Gear VR app will be automatically updated.

Interested in your own Gear VR app? Contact us for more information and the prices

Oculus Home Gear VR app

Different bug fixes, performance improvements
and improvements for usability

Besides all these new features and the complete redesign of Smart2VR we are always working hard to make the platform as reliable and optimal as we can. As a result, Smart2VR is continuously developed and different improvements at the backend are realized with can’t be seen by you but improve the platform significantly.


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