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A fully redesigned and improved CMS!

5 juli 2017 / Design, VR CMS platform / Reacties uitgeschakeld voor A fully redesigned and improved CMS!

The Smart2VR platform already exist for almost 3 years and that has gradually been showing. This is the reason we have developed and implemented a completely new design for the Smart2VR CMS. In the context of this new design 3 things stand out:
Cool: The CMS looks a lot fresher and cooler with the colors used and the clean layout. Hereby, more calmness and overview has also been created.
Contemporary look&feel: Obviously the old design was a bit outdated. By applying a design that fits the current trends the CMS not only gets a more modern appearance, it also takes care of uniformity in comparison with other widely used software and applications.
Easy usability: The goal of the new design is not only to make the CMS environment look cool and nice, it also enhances usability. By implementing elements to the new design that are commonly used and people are familiar with, the CMS is now even easier and intuitive to use.

The best thing to do right now is to take a look!
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Take a look below on how you can create your own VR app fast with the new CMS.

1. You can start creating your own VR app when you are logged in. At ‘Personalize options’ you can choose your app name, colors and the VR app description. In the ‘Upload section’ you can easily upload your corporate images, like welcome screen, menu logo and possible background(s), to personalize your VR app. At ‘See what happens real-time’ you can see instantly the changes and adjustments you make and how the look in the VR app. Save your data and go to ‘objects’ (red circles at image below).

screen application information + text VR app


2. Create your VR projects in ‘Your objects’. Add per object information and upload a nice-looking image that fits your object. At ‘See what happens real-time’ you can see how your objects are looking in the VR app and you can adjust the order of the objects simply drag&drop. Save your data and go to ‘VR content’ (red circles at image below).

screen your objects+ text VR app


3. In ‘Your content’ you can add the VR content for each object. Upload your 360 degrees images and/or videos in the ‘Upload section’, add information and for example audio and see how it looks in your VR app real-time. At the ‘See what happens real-time’ section you can adjust the order of the VR content by simply drag&drop and you can add hotspots in the hotspotdesigner. Also you kan preview the WebVR tour. Save your data and go to ‘app info’ (red circles at image below).

screen Your VR content +text VR app


4. Are you pleased with your VR app and is the information correct? Create your VR app for both iOS and Android (red circles at image below).

create + text VR app


5. At ‘Contact Data’ you can edit your contact information.

screen Contact Data VR app


6. Promote your VR app at your target market and other interested. Than you can check your VR app statistics in ‘Analytics’ and see for example the number of downloads in a chosen period of time.

screen analytics 1 VR app

screen analytics 2 vr app

Besides this major improvement we also developed new features for Smart2VR. You can check them here.


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