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new features

New features Smart2VR

5 juli 2017 / by Smart2VR

Content ordering with simple Drag&Drop By popular request it is now finally available in Smart2VR. You can now see your progress, edits and changes made to your VR app real-time without the need to publish your app first! Hence, the so called emulator enables you to personalize your VR app without that it is already […]

new look CMS

A fully redesigned and improved CMS!

5 juli 2017 / by Smart2VR

The Smart2VR platform already exist for almost 3 years and that has gradually been showing. This is the reason we have developed and implemented a completely new design for the Smart2VR CMS. In the context of this new design 3 things stand out: Cool: The CMS looks a lot fresher and cooler with the colors […]

Smart2VR introduces app analytics, Facebook integration & Autodesk 360 image converter

8 november 2016 / by Smart2VR

Also the last period Smart2VR has worked hard to improve and optimise the VR platform. This resulted in new Smart2VR features. This time we launched app analytics, the Facebook integration for 360 photos/images and the import converter for renders from Revit (Autodesk 360). Do you want to know how many times your app has been […]

VR Days Europe launched Virtual Reality app with Smart2VR

8 november 2016 / by Smart2VR

After the success of the VR Days (now VR Days Europe) in 2015, this year the second edition took place. Amsterdam was transformed into Europe‚Äôs VR capitol and to put the world of Virtual Reality even more on the map the organisation launched a special VR Days Europe app in cooperation with Smart2VR this year. […]

Features Smart2VR

More possibilities for your virtual reality app with our new features

14 september 2016 / by Smart2VR

How easy is building your own app in the Smart2VR platform? Over 300.000 users now use a virtual reality app created with the Smart2VR platform! We are constantly busy to improve and develop the platform so you can create and manage your own VR app even better. Check out the major new features below! Reach […]

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