What is Smart2VR?

Smart2VR is a CMS platform to publish and distribute your Virtual Reality content in your own branded VR app (iOS and Android), on your website and on the Samsung Gear VR.


Many organizations and brands are already using Smart2VR succesfully. Take a look at their Virtual Reality apps and be inspired.





Smart2VR | Benefits of the Virtual Reality CMS platform

Optimal experience with realistic and interactive presentation

In recent years, virtual presentation has undergone rapid developments. Experiences are becoming increasingly important to consumers. Virtual Reality experiences are remembered better and longer than standard brochures. By combining perfect 360-degree photography with a virtual tour, you can create an optimal and – above all – highly realistic experience.

Potential and/or existing clients can share the experience in their own environment, e.g. with family, friends and relations.

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Upload your 360° images & turn your VR app into a virtual tour

Simply upload your own 360-degree pictures or videos within your account management environment.

You can decide exactly how many 360-degree images to display. You can also choose whether or not to include audio with your video.

Make the VR app interactive by creating a virtual tour. The potential visitor/customer can pick their own route. It is also interesting to show additional information, e.g. for special locations.

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Download your own Virtual Reality app

Created your own VR app? Download and install it on your smartphone or publish your VR app in de stores easy and quickly. 

Virtual presentation is available for as little as € 100,- per month with your own VR app in your corporate identity. For an additional charge we can also publish your VR app in the Google Play store (Android) and Apple store (iOS).
There are no expensive one-time investments and everything can be set up in moments!
Do you prefer to try it free of charge first?

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Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week wherever you are

Take your offer to the consumer’s living room. Give them a virtual introduction to your business and your products or services.

This VR platform makes it possible to experience Virtual Reality in the best possible way via your own personalised app and a smartphone and cardboard. Anyone can take a virtual look at your business, products and services whenever they want – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and wherever they are.

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Smart2VR | Creating a Virtual Reality app

The CMS gives you the option of personalising your VR app easily and quickly, e.g. by adding your own logo, colour scheme and contact information. 

You can also upload your own Virtual Reality content – such as 360° pictures, 360° videos and visual files – and instantly publish them to mobile, tablet and web.


choose the design and add your logo, colours & contact information!


as well as stereoscopic/3D or audio to create the ultimate experience.


you can create your own professional VR app, without technical expertise.

VR-app | Smart2VR
VR-app | Smart2VR


it is updated in the app automatically and in real time.


all you need is a device with an active internet connection!


because this Virtual Reality solution does not require any expensive equipment!

Smart2VR | The Virtual Reality CMS features

You can easily show your content (images or video) in your own corporate style in a VR app for Android and iOS. The Virtual Reality app software platform offers several interesting features and we are continuously at work to implement improvements and continue the platform’s development.





4K resolution
4K resolution

Smart2VR | How does the VR CMS platform work?


Create an account and develop a VR app in your own corporate style

With your own account you can upload 360-degree content via a secure website.

You can easily personalise your Virtual Reality app by adding your logo, colour scheme and contact information.

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Upload your 360° content and turn your VR app into a virtual tour

Easily upload your own 360-degree images, 3D artist impressions and video's via your account management environment.

You are free to decide how many 360-degree images to show per item. On average, you can use 5 images. It is also possible to include audio.

You can make the VR app interactive by creating a virtual tour. Potential visitors can choose their own route. It is also interesting to show additional information at certain points.

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Download your own Virtual Reality app

Once you have added all the information to your account, it is time to publish the app.

Publishing an Android app takes one working day, on average. When publishing an iOS app in the Apple App Store, please account for a waiting time of 10-14 working days, due to Apple’s review period.

Once your app is live, it can be downloaded from the two app stores.

The next step is to actively promote your VR app on your website, via social media and in your newsletter.

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Experience Virtual Reality and manage your own VR app

Once your app is finished, you can experience your own Virtual Reality and upload, publish, edit and delete your Virtual Reality content. You can manage your own Virtual Reality app easily and quickly via your account.

To create the optimal Virtual Reality experience, you will need a mobile phone and cardboard. If you do not have a mobile phone, you can also use a tablet.

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Smart2VR | Support center

Do you need help using Smart2VR or do you want to discover more possibilities?
Check our instruction manual for step-by-step instructions of each feature
Watch the instruction videos for a quick how-to guidance
View the FAQ if you have any questions.


Smart2VR | What are the costs?

Smart2VR | Partners

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